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Connecting People


South Derbyshire volunteer befrienders provide informal support to those who feel lonely, isolated or just need a good old chat from time to time.

Through telephone calls or face-to-face visits, they can support and encourage individuals to get involved in community activities and groups or simply be on hand to talk.

We all know that personal connection and a sense of community are crucial and our befrienders help provide this by simply chatting and listening, discussing stories and hearing concerns. Loneliness and isolation can have a serious detrimental impact on physical and mental wellbeing so not only does our service help those in need, it helps reduce the strain placed on other health services too.

In addition, our volunteers feel their own well-being and sense of purpose is improved as well, knowing that they are providing support to an individual who needs it.

Whether you’re looking for support, or wish to start befriending, why not get in touch today?

If you wish to make a referral only, please click this link, for all other enquiries please get in touch using the button below.

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Community Connectors

The Community Connectors Network is a crucial network of community leaders and representatives across South Derbyshire who are helping to facilitate ‘recovery’ after the pandemic.


Since January 2021, our connectors have shared timely and accurate information and advice regarding health and wellbeing. The network also shares information on the cost of living crisis, support services, community updates and upcoming local activities.


Across South Derbyshire, our communities have joined together to ensure that no one is left behind. If you would like to hear more about what we do or are interested in joining our network as a connector, you can do so below.

Connect South Derbyshire

Thanks to the support of Derbyshire County Council Public Health, the Connect South Derbyshire project tackles issues of loneliness and social isolation within our communities.

No-one should feel lonely or isolated in today’s society and so we look to address the impact of this by developing and strengthening any existing social opportunities in the community and by bringing together groups to share resources and support where we can.

We also look to create a pathway for people who are experiencing acute loneliness and isolation to access social opportunities that exist in their area. For some, this will entail a personalised approach to building confidence in social settings, given that many people have spent much of the pandemic on their own.

Connect South Derbyshire is about both helping to build new social activities and identifying the opportunities that will be most meaningful for the individual, helping them to connect back into their community.

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