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Grants and Funding

Our Community Development Team support non-profit groups, registered charities, CIC’s and CIO’s across the whole of South Derbyshire. Each month we put out a funding bulletin including all of the latest opportunities we are aware of. Sign up to our funding bulletin by clicking the button below.

South Derbyshire Small Grants

We are delighted to manage South Derbyshire Small Grants. The grant aims to reduce health inequalities between different communities; this means giving everyone the same opportunities to lead a healthy life, no matter where they live or who they are. We offer micro grants up to £200 and small grants of up to £1,500. We are looking to support projects that:
1) Help people to make choices in their lifestyles that improve their physical and mental wellbeing, following The Five Ways to Wellbeing which are:

  • Connect

  • Be Active

  • Take Notice

  • Keep Learning

  • Give

2) Will support people with dementia and other long-term conditions and their carers to have a good quality of life, retain their independence for as long as possible, and receive the support they need at the end of their lives.

Small Grant funding Criteria:

Any costs directly involved in making your project or activities happen, including: 

  • Small pieces of equipment

  • Postage, printing, advertising, insurance

  • Activity costs

  • Hiring a venue

  • Volunteer expenses

  • Training – staff and volunteers, training fees

  • Virtual technology e.g. zoom licence  

  • Direct staff costs 

  • Capital costs (up to a maximum of £600)

What we cannot fund:  

  • One-off events or outings (unless you can demonstrate the activity will make a real difference, e.g., training for members that will have a long-term benefit)

  • Ongoing cost of salaries/other running costs not directly related to your project.

  • Promoting religious or political beliefs

  • Any costs associated with buying or developing land or buildings

  • Projects outside South Derbyshire 

  • Projects where not all funding required is secured

  • Projects not directly supporting South Derbyshire residents

  • Retrospective costs – things that have already been paid for or projects that have already taken place

Opening dates for the funding vary throughout the year. If you would like to enquire or learn more, please get in touch below.

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