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Time Swapping (or Time Banking) is a fantastic initiative which allows members of the community to ‘swap’ their time to help somebody else. This support can range from assistance with gardening, to teaching I.T skills, or giving cookery lessons - the sky is the limit!


In return for this, a member of the community earns back time which they can spend doing something they want to - like learning a new skill or receiving help from another member. Members can even donate time they have accrued to other members if they wish. Time is the only currency used.


Needless to say, Time Banking presents tremendous benefits across the entire community.


The service has historically been delivered with tremendous success by DERBYSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL and we are extremely excited to now be building upon this work and delivering Derbyshire Time Swap.

Watch the video below and visit our Derbyshire Time Swap website to learn more!

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